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The Servant of Two Masters

Carlo Goldoni, translated and adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher and Paolo Emilio Landi
ISBN: 978-0-8222-1847-0
Full Length, Farce
6 men, 3 women
Total Cast: 9, Flexible Set


FEE: $100 per performance.
THE STORY: A cross between traditional Italian commedia and postmodern vaudeville, this new version of Goldoni's classic pits the madcap servant Truffaldino against masters, mistresses, lovers, lawyers, and twenty-seven plates of meatballs. Imagine a Bob Hope or Woody Allen comedy written by Monty Python and performed with the physical bravura of Chaplin or Keaton—with places in the script for ad-libs and audience participation.
"Nothing short of brilliant…SERVANT does commedia proud! Gags, wisecracks, sly sexual references, acrobatics…this is the real thing!" —Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "A circus of styles tumbling backwards, forwards and sideways…full of ancient, hooting laughs zapped together with up-your-alley anachronisms. Shower flowers [on] Paolo Landi and Jeffrey Hatcher for their re-working of the eighteenth-century Italian script. Broad, bold, whacked-out and wild! A tour-de-farce! Unforgettable, undiminished delight!" —Milwaukee Weekly.